AA  RZR Turbo Fuel Filter (Strainer)
AA RZR Turbo Fuel Filter (Strainer)

AA RZR Turbo Fuel Filter (Strainer)

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Part Number: 6731
  • Fits 2016-2021 RZR Turbo, Turbo S & Pro XP Models
  • Replaces the fuel filter on the pump(in tank).  This requires removing the fuel pump to replace (very easy on these models).
  • Over time the fuel filter will clog and limit fuel flow.  This can cause running issues, low power and potentially harmful to your motor and fuel pump.  
  • We suggest replacing the fuel filter every year as off road vehicles often sit for longer, and will collect more contaminants in the tank.  Having a partially clogged fuel filter means your fuel pump is working harder, and will not last as long.  
  • High quality replacement filter
  • Simply disconnect the electrical connector and fuel line quick connect, then unscrew the fuel pump cap.  You can remove the fuel pump cap with a screwdriver and hammer, or the OEM Polaris wrench tool.  Remove the OEM clip and filter from the bottom of the pump and replace with the AA filter and locking clip.  Now re-assemble all components and check for leaks.
  • Part Number:  112-1026


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