AA Kawasaki KRX Slip-On Exhaust **3-5 Day Lead Time**
AA Kawasaki KRX Slip-On Exhaust **3-5 Day Lead Time**

AA Kawasaki KRX Slip-On Exhaust **3-5 Day Lead Time**

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  • Exhaust fits all KRX 1000 models 2020+ 
  • 3-5 Day lead time for production(before shipping) at this time
  • The AA KRX slip-on exhaust is just what your machine needs!  We set out to produce an exhaust that looks great, sounds great, has adjustable sound levels, and has a price tag that won't have your significant other screaming at you(we can't be the only ones?).  
  • This exhaust sounds amazing(seriously, these things sound awesome) with a nice throaty bark when fully open.  Looking for less sound?  You can actually adjust the sound with a manual cutout (stealth cap quiet core) that bolts into either one of the outlets.  This cap makes our exhaust quieter than other exhausts with a single outlet because the sound waves get trapped in the capped outlet.  Does the cap decrease airflow?  Not really.  Sure open will flow a little better, but the single 2.5" outlet still flows a TON of air and is more than enough for whatever you throw at it.  No drop in horsepower with the cap was shown in testing.
  • If you'd still like less sound, or if you need to be spark arrested, you purchase the optional spark arrestor.  Most run 1 spark arrestor with the quiet core stealth cap.  You also have the option to purchase 2 spark arrestors and run that way as well.
  • Amazing sound that is fully adjustable when purchasing our Stealth Cap(quiet core)
  • Much better airflow which is needed to decrease heat(especially when tuned)
  • Eliminates the stock catalytic converter
  • Sheds a massive 15lbs off your machine!
  • Fits nicely into the factory location and installation is a breeze
  • Made at the AA Facility in the USA 
  • The aluminum heat shield keeps the side of the muffler cool and looking badass with AA graphics
  • Video Clip(Hard to capture how good it sounds):  https://youtu.be/uuUNGIu6-9s
  • Instructions click HERE
  • Part number: 110-1010


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