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Team Alba Racing STAGE 2 KIT RZR 1000

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Alba Racing stage 2 kit RZR 1000

-Up to 20% gain in power across the powerband.
-Great driveability.
-No loss in reliability.
-Instant throttle response.

-Alba Racing stage 2 cams.
-Beehive valvesprings.
-HD valve spring buckets.
-Alba Racing automatic HD cam chain tensioner. (your choice of color).
-Alba slip on exhaust. Optional SLP slip on exhaust.
-Alba fuel controller (optional AFR+).
-Adjustable clutch weights.
-Primary clutch spring.
-Secondary clutch spring.
-Optional Helix (removes engine braking).
-Optional ECU reflash (required on 2015 models).
-Read below extended description for more information.

**Core charge applies to cam shafts. We need your stock camshafts as cores. You have a couple options here. Mail us your cams first and we will then ship your stage 2 cams. If you need these asap you can pay the core charge which we will refund 100% when we receive your good condition RZR cam shafts. 

Your RZR 1000 makes 83 rear wheel horsepower on our dyno. With this kit you will make about 97 rear wheel horsepower. This is real useable horsepower not make believe inflated numbers.


The heart of out stage 2 kit is our cam shafts. We took our time and tested cam after cam working directly web Web cams to get the best package available. 12 set's of cams later we are very happy with the results. 

About the cam shafts and valve train:
Polaris designed the cam shafts in the RZR 1000 very similar to the RZR 900 cam shafts. The shim and buckets however are very different. In the RZR 900 the valve shim and buckets are two pieces allowing you to change the valve shims and adjust your valve lash cheaply and easily. In the RZR 1000 the shim and bucket is 1 piece. What this means is that if you want to adjust your valves you will need to buy all new buckets at almost $300 every time you adjust them. Why would Polaris do this. They will make a fortune selling buckets. We have decided to eliminate this design and use our proven valve train package we have been using on the 900 for years now. This includes Beehive valve springs and HD buckets. The OEM Polaris buckets have always been a weak spot on the RZR 900 which is why we replace them. The use of this heavy duty valve train allowed us to create a much better camshaft profile due to the extra lift available with the beehive springs and the HD buckets allow us to use steeper ramp angles on our cam lobes reliably. This all equates to more Horsepower for you. We also include our heavy duty automatic cam chain tensioner. The OEM tensioner is fail prone. We have seen countless engines jump cam timing due to the factory tensioner. The stock tensioner is oil pressure driven and when it loses its prime sometimes it does not recover. We recommend this even on a stock RZR 1000.

Also included in our kit is our slip on exhaust system or SLP slip on exhaust system. We do not make a full system as our testing has shown the OEM Polaris header is perfect. Many full system exhaust kits available actually make less power than the stock header as they move the collector and reduce its size sometimes all the way down to 2" from the stock 2.5" collector. Our Alba exhaust will make about 1 more peak horsepower than the SLP but the SLP offers a much quieter deeper tone for those not looking to be loud. 

About the intake on the 1000:
The stock RZR 1000 works amazingly well. This is the first vehicle we have ever built a kit for we will not be including a intake for. We have found ZERO gains in the intake system even opened completely up with no filtration. Polaris did a very good job here and as they say if it ain't broke don't fix it. 

About the clutch kit:
Your typical clutch kit includes 3 parts. Clutch weights, a primary spring, secondary spring and a helix.
The clutch weights are the most important part of this kit. The weights control your operating rpm and how quickly your engine gets to that operating rpm. When you add horsepower to your RZR you will need to add clutch weight. The idea here is that when you step on the gas you want your RZR to rev to the RPM your engine makes its peak horsepower at. If you are just 300rpm off this can mean a loss of nearly 5hp. Every RZR is a little different which is why these need to be adjustable. Also the weights we sell have 3 positions for weight placement for infinite adjust-ability. The primary spring controls clutch engagement rpm. A stiffer aftermarket spring will raise this rpm. You will notice this when your RZR is at a stop and you hit the throttle your clutch will engage about 500-1000rpm higher than stock. This give much better throttle response and hit. We offer 2 different versions of a Helix. From the factory your RZR has engine braking. This means when you let off the throttle the engine slows you down. The helix engages the engine braking. This can be removed by changing the helix to one with out engine braking. We leave this an option. Personally we like the engine braking but this is a personal preference. If you want to eliminate your engine braking get the helix.

About the fuel controller:
We have 2 different options for the fuel controller. Our Alba mapped Dobeck unit as well as the Dobeck AFR+.
Our pre-mapped Alba box is less expensive and works well and can be adjusted and new maps can be loaded in for future mods. The Dobeck AFR+ is the future of fuel control. It includes an air fuel gauge with a left and right button; left being richer in this case and right being leaner. You simply push the left and right button to the air fuel ratio you want to run and it will hit it. It really is amazing. This will give a perfect air fuel ratio at any elevation or condition. A $10,000 Motec ecu with a hundred hours of dyno time would be hard pressed to be this accurate. This system is changing the fuel injection world. We know what Air fuel ratio you will make peak horsepower and this is what we recommend running. This system tunes your car as good just as a pro tuner would using a dyno with no tuning and no dyno. 

ECU core options:
Option 1: Pay no core charge. Send us your ECU. We will re-flash it and send it back to you within 1 week.

Option 2: Purchase Outright - No core is required to be sent in - Raises kit price by $450

Option 3: We send you a programmed ecu and you pay core charge of $450. You send us your ECU as a core within 2 weeks and we refund your $450 core charge.

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