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Team Alba Racing STAGE 1 KIT RZR 1000

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If your looking for easy Horsepower here you go. 

-Up to a 10% gain in power through out the powerband.
-Cooler running clutch for longer belt life.
-Air fuel ratio corrected.
-Adjustable clutch kit allows hard hitting power or smooth power.

2014 RZR 1000 kit includes:
-Slip on exhaust system. (Alba or SLP)
-Alba Racing pre programmed fuel controller.
-Complete adjustable clutch kit. 
**Optional ecu re-flash 90mph and 9200rpm

2015/2016/2017 RZR 1000 kit includes:
-Slip on exhaust system.
-Alba Racing pre programmed fuel controller.
-Complete adjustable clutch kit.
-ECU re-flash (read below why this is needed) 90mph and 9200rpm.

****Read below for more info.*****



This is the easiest way to get some extra performance from your RZR 1000. This offers a reliable and noticeable performance. Alba Racing does not BS horsepower numbers like many other competitors do. We have seen claims of 10% increases from adding just an exhaust system. This is laughable to us. We test everything. The fact is that most aftermarket exhaust systems make less Horsepower than your stock system. Many companies actually reduce the size of your collector from the factory 2.5" to a 2.0" or 2.25" to allow them to use their smaller atv mufflers. We have seen these lose 2hp on stock cars and up to 8hp on cars with built engines. The stock exhaust system in your RZR is very good the only restriction is the stock muffler. The stock header is perfect. We have yet to see an a gain from any manufacture. We built a few of our own and did not put them into production as they just don't work as well as the oem header. We have 2 options available for a slip on exhaust. We offer our own and also the SLP slip on exhaust. The SLP is a bit quieter if you don't want the noise but a bit bulkier. It also like ours will never need servicing or repacking. 

Our fuel controller comes pre programmed and easily plugs in to your existing system. We make our fuel maps on our dyno to ensure peak performance.

Our clutch kit includes a adjustable set of weights, primary spring and secondary spring. These parts work in perfect harmony. We also have a optional helix available for those who do not want engine braking. Our adjustable weight kit is the most important part of the clutch kit. The weights in your clutch control your operating rpm. The key to a CVT clutch is to have your RZR running at the rpm it makes peak horsepower when full throttle is applied. Being off just 300 rpm can be a 5 hp difference. EVERY RZR is a little different. Add weight to lower your operating rpm or take weight away to raise your operating rpm. These weights have 3 positions to place the additional weight. The heel which refers to the bottom. The center and the tip. The weight placement helps adjust how your power hits. By placing weight closer to the heel your engine will respond quicker and hit harder. If you place weight on the tip it will hit softer and be less agressive. These will allow you to tune your car to your specific needs. We prefer to set weight on the heel and center which gives maximum performance. These come with instructions and a base weight to get you very close. Tire size and vehicle weight play a big role here. If your weights are not adjustable you are leaving performance on the table. Some companies include non adjustable weights to which makes it a little easier as you cant adjust it. But they must be heavy so that they work for everyone. Your RZR makes peak horsepower at 8300 rpm's. If your operating is not 8300 rpms your not using all your available horsepower. This is extremely important. The extra 30 minutes you spend setting this will make all the difference in the world. 

Primary spring:
The primary spring on your RZR controls the engagement rpm or stall. This is the amount of rpm's it takes for your RZR to engage the clutch from a stand still. We increase it approximately 500rpm's for most terrain and about 1000rpm for dune riders and mud racers. We feel that this is the perfect amount for most riders and more becomes a nuisance. This gives you more hit from a stop and out of corners.

Secondary spring:
Adds belt pinch to extend belt life and reduce belt slipping. Also controls shiftout.

Optional helix:
The main difference you will notice when you change your helix is removing engine braking. When you let off the throttle on your RZR the stock helix adds engine braking which slows you down. We leave this an option and do not recommend this for most. Some people love it while others hate it. With out engine braking your foot is constantly moving from the gas to brake petal. Learning to use your stock helix with engine braking we feel is the best option. The quicker you let of the throttle the more engine braking will be applied. Let off the throttle softly and braking is less noticeable. Also blip or tap the throttle when you let off to lessen the effect as well. But if you don't want engine braking get the helix.

2015 RZR 1000 info (ECU re-flash)
In 2015 Polaris has made the computer much smarter. When you modify your 2015 RZR 1000 the ecu will notice as it sends a signal back with a new o2 sensor mounted in the exhaust. What happens is at first everything seems fine then after about 50 miles when the ecu does not receive a correct signal it drastically richens up your fuel mixture and retards the timing as a default. The only way to resolve this is to deactivate it in the ecu. For this reason a ECU flash is mandatory with the 2015 RZR 1000. There are other benefits as well. The 2015 comes with a speed limiter built in set at 71mph vs 77mph on the 2014. We set this to 95mph. If you would like to keep it stock or any other mph put it in the comments section. We can set it to any speed. Also we raise the rev limiter to 9500 rpm. Again this can be set anywhere if something else is desired use the comments section.

2014 ECU info:
We reflash your oem ecu to increase the speed limiter from 77 mph to 95mph. We also increase the rev limiter to 9500 rpm.

ECU core options: Only applies if you need a ECU re-flash
Option 1: Pay no core charge. Send us your ECU. We will re-flash it and send it back to you within 1 week.

Option 2: Purchase Outright - No core is required to be sent in - Raises kit price by $450

Option 3: We send you a programmed ecu and you pay core charge of $450. You send us your ECU as a core within 2 weeks and we refund your $450 core charge.

RZR 1000 intake info.
The intake that comes from Polaris for the RZR 1000 is unbeatable. We hate to admit it but it is. It flows plenty and is a very good design. This is the first vehicle we have not made a intake for as we cant beat it. Polaris does make a Hi performance filter replacement that is higher quality. It does not increase hp but it also does not lose horsepower. We recommend this for high dust areas as it does filter better. Don't be tricked into purchasing a expensive intake for your RZR 1000 that will perform worse than stock. 

Competition Use Only - competition or racing parts are those that have not been proven by their manufacturers to not increase vehicle emissions. These parts are not legal for use on any pollution-controlled vehicle in California, and they are required to be labeled as such when they are offered for sale. These parts may only be used on closed course racing or competition vehicles, or on off-road vehicles manufactured prior to the ARB's introduction of off-road emissions standards.

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