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ECU Core Options
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Plug in huge power and torque gains. 

-Safely raises boost levels.
-Lower fan activation temps.
-Alba Racing optimized timing map.
-Alba Racing fuel map.
-Runs on 91 octane or better fuel.
-Huge increase in horsepower.
-Huge increase in torque.
-Increase in throttle response.
-Rev limiter increased.
-Torque limiters removed.
-Speed limiters removed.
**See extended description below for more info.

-Reflash of your ecu or our core.
-Fuel injectors x2 on tunes that require injectors.

Core options. 
1. Send us your ecu we will flash it and send it back to you.
2. Pay core charge of $399. Ship back your ecu within 60 days and we will credit you back the full $399.
3. Pay the core charge and purchase outrite.


**For race use only. NOT FOR SALE OR USE IN CALIFORNIA. If you live in California please do not order this we can not ship this to California addresses.
Shipping: Can not ship to California


About the ecu flash. We use the most advance equipment available to build our ecu maps and do a huge amount of testing. We develop these maps on our dynojet dyno as well as our new Axis dyno specifically designed by the designer of the origional dynojet dyno to test sxs vehicles only. This is a side by side specific dyno. This is the only specific sxs dyno in the world. What makes it different than other dyno's. It has the ability to tune with a cvt clutch to simulate real world load. No other dyno can do this. We also data log hundreds of miles of use and tear down engines to look for accelerated wear. As far as reliability goes we are the kings. Our engines and tunes dominate endurance racing. Our engines and teams won both turbo and naturally aspirated classes many years in a row now in S.C.O.R.E. This includes 1700 miles of wide open racing per season. We have never had 1 failure and now do work for nearly everyone who has been on the podium including factory Polaris teams. We are trusted more than any other builder to get the racers the power they need while retaining reliability. It is easy to make a turbo motor go faster you simply turn the boost up. We do so much more to keep your engine safe.

Horsepower gains using 91oct: 93 will be 3-5 more: 
-Stock exhaust- 20hp to the wheels. (shown in dyno graph above)
-Aftermarket exhaust 25hp to the wheels.
-Stock exhaust with big injectors 30hp to the wheels. (shown in dyno chart above.) 
-Aftermarket exhaust with big injectors 35hp to the wheels.

If you have an existing Alba reflashed ecu we can upgrade you to the big injector tune for $350. This includes the injectors.

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