Sportsman Ace Half Windshield
Sportsman Ace Half Windshield

Sportsman Ace Half Windshield

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Sportsman Ace Half Windshield
Part Number: EMP-12486

Polaris Sportsman Ace Half Windshield


  • Fits: 2014-16 Sportsman Ace
  • 3/16" Thick Lexan (Polycarbonate)- Watch the video below.
  • Rubber Edge Trim protects your hood.
  • Includes: (4) Patent Pending "Fast Straps".
  • Rubber straps will not rattle, rust or scratch your cage.


    Half windshields are a good alternative to full windshields, because they block the wind but still allow you to see when the it gets dusty or muddy. Made from 3/16" thick Polycarbonate (LEXAN) to ensure that it will not break like cheaper Acrylic windshields. Our Rubber Patent Pending "UTV Fast Straps" allow you to remove it without any tools. Simply unhook the rubber straps and remove your windshield. We leave the Polycarbonate Manufacturer's protective coating on until you get it, so that you can easily read that it is Polycarbonate.




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