RZR 170-Intake Filter System
RZR 170-Intake Filter System

RZR 170-Intake Filter System

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RZR 170-Intake Filter System
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Polaris RZR-170 Complete Intake Filter System. Complete replacement air filter system for the RZR 170. The stock system is woefully inadequate at filtering dust. Part of the problem is the location of the stock filter which is directly in the dust cloud created by the 170 s back tires. We ve taken the filter out of the dust up onto the rear deck. Kit includes all necessary hardware for bolting on including a hand formed, welded and powdercoated intake tube, K and N filter with water resistant K and N Outter wear and jetting kit. A small hole will need to be drilled into the plastic rear deck and we ll supply precise instructions on where to put hole. This kit uses stock mounting locations and really brings the 170 engine to life breathing much better than the stock system. If you are riding in dusty conditions, this is a must have modification to prevent serious engine damage.**will not work on the 2015 or newer RZR 170**

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