RZR 170-Front Bumper
RZR 170-Front Bumper

RZR 170-Front Bumper

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RZR 170-Front Bumper
Part Number: FactoryUTV-RZR 170-Front Bumper

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Polaris RZR-170 Custom Steel Front Bumper. Factory UTV offers full frontal protection for your Polaris RZR 170. With it s limited ground clearance, it won t be long before your RZR front plastic is destroyed from a trail impact. Constructed from mild steel tubing to keep weight down while maintaining strength and durability. Main plastic section is a full 3/8 inch UHMW plastic covered with high-gloss finish plastic skins to match your RZR 170 plastic. Bumper mounts using existing mounting locations on the RZR 170. This is a great looking add on for your Polaris RZR 170!

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