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RVS Performance Maverick X3 Turbo ECU Tuning

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RVS and EVP are once again on the bleeding edge being the 1st to tune the ground-breaking Can Am Maverick X3!  Can Am has given us a great package loaded with potential for big horsepower.  Our ECU tunes are developed in our state of the art dyno room on our Dynojet 250ix, then field tested for driveability and long term durability.  Although the X3 has only been out for a short time, we have close to 1000 dyno runs as well as hundreds of miles of street testing and desert testing (Glamis) in developing the stock turbo tunes.  The X3 with an RVS Program is VERY impressive and performs unlike any SXS we have ever tested before.

Just like our previous generation tunes, EVP Maverick X3 tunes include the following:

  • Speed / TQ limits removed in Low Gear
  • Now Low Gear revs to 8600
  • Speed / TQ limits removed in High Gear
  • Now High Gear revs to 8600
  • Engine Speed TQ Limiters removed
  • V-Max Raised
  • Improved throttle response in all modes - Linear throttle rather than the lazy pedal the factory has programmed
  • 100% throttle in all Modes
  • Fans set to activate at 165 degrees
  • Race Start No need to press the brake to start vehicle
  • Left Foot Brake Enabled Allows the use of the brake and accelerator pedal at the same time
  • Fueling is corrected for the various stages so no fuel controllers are needed
  • i & Ri are big injector tunes and a set of (3) flow matched injectors are included in the price.

Stage 1 - Stock Exhaust, 13.5 lbs, 91 Oct - 22HP

Stage 2 - Cat Bypass, stock exhaust, 13.5 lbs, 91 Oct - 25HP

Stage 3 - Full Exhaust kit, 13.5 lbs, 91 Occt - 29HP

Stage 2i - Cat Bypass, Bigger injectors (included), 14.5 lbs, 91 Oct - 30HP

Stage 3i - Full Exhaust kit, Bigger Injectors (included), 14.5 lbs, 91 Oct - 34HP

Stage 3Ri - Full Exhaust kit, Bigger Injectors (included), 15 lbs, 91 Oct - 35HP

Stage 4Ri - Full Exhaust kit, Bigger Injectors (included), 17 lbs, 93 Oct - 36HP

Stage 5Ri - Full Exhaust kit, Bigger Injectors (included), 17 lbs, E85 - 42HP


**Additional shipping will be charged after the sale if exhaust componenets are choosen to be shipped to Canada or if 2 day or next day air shipping is chosen to Canada or the US. Minimum charge is $80 and actual shipping costs will be charged.

Turn around on ECU tuning is typically 1 business day and free return shipping is USPS Priority mail 2-3 days in the US. 


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