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RVS Performance Maptuner X - Maverick X3 ECU Tuning

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Maptuner X for the Maverick X3 Turbo is what many customers have been waiting for!   Maptuner X is a consumer hand held ECU flashing device similar to many diesel programmers on the market except with more capability.  With it, you can flash your own ECU via the touch screen interface and included cabling.  The cable plugs into the OEM diagnostic port.   With Maptuner X, you can install the same proven programs.  Not only that, Maptuner X has live datalogging capability, DTC Reading/Reset and many other features.  It is also compatible with most Polaris, BRP and Yamaha vehicles meaning you only need one device to tune many vehicles! (additional vehicle tunes must be purchased).  You can return your vehicle back to stock at any time!  Stages 1-3 Programs are included in the price.

Maptuner X Features Available Now (some have an associated cost)
 Full color, touch screen interface
 Powerful processor with super fast uploads
 Lots of extra memory for multiple vehicles, tunes and features
 Download and flash our tunes into your factory ECU via the OEM diagnostic port
 Flash back to stock at any time!
 Store multiple tunes on Maptuner X which can be switched in about 45 seconds
 Bluetooth interfaces with a variety of wireless sensors, displays and phones
 Works with most BRP (Can Am, Sea Doo and Ski Doo), Polaris ATV s and UTV s and Yamaha  YXZ
 One Maptuner X can be used to program and datalog multiple vehicles! (Multiple Vin Option)
 DTC code reset
 Live Datalogging including AFR input and other sensor inputs
 ECU History delete
 Flight Recorder lets customers record ECU CAN bus data to Maptuner X for viewing on PC
Maptuner X Features that will be added soon by internet update (some upgrades have an associated cost):
 Map Editing Custom ECU Map Editing you own fueling, timing, rev limit, boost, etc maps and upload to your ECU
 Autotune feature will modify your ECU maps based upon data logs

**For the time being, ECU s must be sent to RVS or one of our Maptuner dealers for an initial synchronization.  After this has been completed, the ECU will not have to be sent to us again for changes.  We are working on eliminating this step in the near future.

Stages 3i and above include fuel injectors and all of the tune levels below them.



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