RT Pro RZR XP Turbo / 1000 Delrin Inner Pivot Kit
RT Pro RZR XP Turbo / 1000 Delrin Inner Pivot Kit

RT Pro RZR XP Turbo / 1000 Delrin Inner Pivot Kit

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Part # RTP5201915

This is a full kit option for all the pivot bushings and sleeves you need for a full rebuild of your RZR XP 1000's front A-arms pivot points. Buying everything as a kit saves you an extra 5%!


NOTE - This kit will not fit any 2017 RZR model.

This kit is a proven combination of RT Pro's high precision Delrin Pivot Bushings and Sleeves. The RZR's are notorious for eating bushings prematurely. The RT Pro solution is to build the wearable components with better materials and much finer production tolerances. There is no way for us to tell you how much longer this kit will make your bushings last than the OEM versions but from over five years of selling these we can tell you they will last longer than any other option on the market! Most applications work best when run dry but many owners have found greasing to the best practice for bushing that see a lot of mud.

At RT Pro we are convinced Delrin is the BEST material solution available for inner pivot bushings and we have proven it over many years of experience. This material is also the choice of the entire professorial off-road racing industry we come from. Our bushings and sleeves are made to higher tolerances than any other bushing option on the market today. This results in tighter fitting assemblies which is the TRUE method for longevity. Don't believe the hype of other's alternative material claims or other Delrin kits lower prices. The trade-offs always results in diminished performance.

All RT Pro Inner Pivot Sleeves come coated in black oxide which increases the life expectancy of the kit by reducing corrosion and promoting self-lubrication.

For more information on the individual kits combined in this listing please see the related products listed on this page.

This kit sold as a complete front kit for 2014-2016 RZR XP 1000 and RZR XP Turbo models in 2 and 4 seat. They will fit a stock arm, any of our arm kits OR any other arm kit which is designed to use stock dimension bushings. This is a complete kit for inner and outer bushings and sleeves. It is a combination of the individually listed components with a discount applied for a complete kit purchase.

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