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RT Pro RZR XP 900 Walker Evans Edition (2 Seat) Springs Kit

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RTP5301146 - Standard Rate Kit
RTP5301156 - Heavy Rate Kit

After years of refining our design, RT Pro is ready to unleash the most incredible upgrade you can possibly add to your RZR XP 900 Walker Evans Edition. Our Dynamic Inertia Dual Rate Replacement Spring System is second to none.

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RT Pro offers an amazing blend of ride quality and performance for the 2013 2 seat RZR XP 900 Walker Evans Edition. This kit could easily be the best improvement per dollar you can spend on the RZR XP 900.

This kit is a complete set of dual rate springs for the front and rear. This makes this kit universal to all aftermarket 2.0" or equivalent front shocks and 2.5" rear shocks so if you ever decide to upgrade to aftermarket shocks you don't have to buy shocks with springs. You can take your RT Pro springs with you! Good thing too because this spring kit has being proven to be a better set up than some aftermarket shock companies can provide with their shocks.

This kit includes adapter rings for the front springs which convert the OEM upper and lower spring retainers from a 3.0" ID set up to the 2.5" springs that come in this kit. We do this for the clearance needed to run a full length spring stack. The kit also includes RT Pro's molded Delrin spring spacers for the front. OEM rear spacers are retained.


STANDARD - For the RZR XP 900 Walker Evans Edition, the Standard rate springs cover almost everyone. These will give you the best ride and performance at OEM height as long as you aren't carrying a lot of extra weight. This kit works great with our 2" Lift Kit HERE as well if you'd like extra height.

HEAVY DUTY - This kit is for customers running a spare tire off the back bumper or just a lot of accessories and payload. It can also work for a customer looking to get more ride height without a lift kit. However, if run for height this kit will make a much firmer ride. Some customers prefer a firmer ride for aggressive driving and increased stability and this is a good fit for them. However, the best solution for increased ride height is always a lift kit. Our springs are not designed to lift. The best ride and handling for a raised RZR will come from a Lift/Spring Bundle HERE so we mainly recommend this kit only for heavy loaded RZR's over 600 lbs, or 800 lbs with our lift.


This kit ONLY fits 2013 RZR XP 900 2 seat Walker Evans Edition models with OEM Walker Evans 2.0" front / 2.5" rear shocks. This kit DOES NOT fit The standard RZR XP 900 with OEM FOX Podium shocks. For the Fox model Click HERE This kit is not designed work on the RZR XP4 900 4 seat model but it CAN be used on the 2013 Jagged X model IF you are running very light weight and are interested in lowering the ride height a little bit. (We recommend our 4 seat kit for the Jagged X model usually.)

Kit includes (8) springs, (4) adapter rings and (2) front spring spacers. *NOTE* - OEM rear spacers are re-used. All springs come with silver powdercoat.

This kit is 100% MADE IN THE U.S.A.


In over a decade of selling OEM replacement springs we've found our kits are more than enough for 80% off all UTV owners to be completely happy with their suspension. For the remaining 20% we recommend revalving or completely new shocks. The 20% is made up of extremely hard drivers who spend a lot of time in their UTV either racing or riding hard every weekend. For the average trail rider who goes once or twice a month revalving really isn't needed with our springs. Unlike any other kit on the market, our kits are designed to optimize the OEM valving.

For the ultimate performance from the OEM shocks, add these springs and contact William Yokley of Yokley Racing in Kentucky for revalving. William has been building shocks for years and knows how to make them work for each application. He's a 5 time GNCC national champion UTV racer and also has a WORCS UTV championship as well as many other racing successes to back up his knowledge and ability to make a UTV work right on the track or the trail. We've tried a lot of "shock guys" and William is who we trust. He will get you what you need at a very fair price. For William's contact info feel free to message us through our contact page and we'll get you connected.


"It's hard to say what's the best when you've only tried one. At RT Pro we believe we have the best spring replacement kit in the world and are willing to put our money where our mouth is. If you have a competitorâ€â ¢s spring kit and want to try ours, buy it. If you don't feel our springs are better than what you have you can send them back for a 100% refund."

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