RT Pro RZR 800 / 570 Front Bumper - Baja (BX) Option
RT Pro RZR 800 / 570 Front Bumper - Baja (BX) Option

RT Pro RZR 800 / 570 Front Bumper - Baja (BX) Option

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RT Pro's FB3 style bumpers are the strongest mounting bumper in the industry today.



Our RZR 800/570 bumpers will fit all years and models including the 4 seaters. The FB3 style bumpers use larger 1.25 steel tubing for the Rigid Mount bracing and tie into a strong laser cut plate for the ultimate in strength. The FB3 Rigid Mount option allows for retention of the OEM front sway bar if desired as well. (On the 50" RZR models)

The Rigid Mount design on these bumpers makes them THE strongest front end protection available on the market today. These bumpers mount solidly to the base of the chassis but their strength is in the way we mount them integrally in to the machines chassis underneath the hood. RT Pro was the first to do this and the first to refine it. The attachment system to the chassis is extremely stong as well as the machined "stepped" bungs which attach the Rigid Arms to the bumper. Our design is just as strong against "push" as it is "pull" abuse.

Our bumper design uses an integral skid plate built in to the base of the bumper which not only increases strength but also drastically improves the front approach angle of the machine. With our bumper design the approach angle is almost as good as a machine without a bumper. To improve upon the design we took our experience and applied it to an industry first Bash Plate . The Bash Plate is an idea we came up with to protect the most commonly impacted area of the bumper and also increase the skid plate s thickness at the most crucial point without excessively increasing the overall weight of the bumper. The Bash Plates all come in black powdercoat and are available separately for replacements whenever needed.

Our bumper will allow use of a winch on the OEM mounting locations and can be customized to almost any level per a customer s request. Another constant is RT Pro's commitment to manufacturing within the USA. All of our products are made by hand with American steel right here in Holland, MI.

Click to View - Racertech bumper install on the RZR S (without removing the Hood)

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