RT Pro Maverick Dual Battery Box
RT Pro Maverick Dual Battery Box

RT Pro Maverick Dual Battery Box

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RT Pro builds world-class race cars and develops world-class solutions for the public along the way. This Battery Box is an example of a solution to a common problem we've found when building race Mavericks. Many races start with "cold starts". This means you have to start your engine when the flag drops. Many of the top teams set up their cars with 24V starting systems to start faster and give them a quicker launch off the line. We couldn't find a good place to put the batteries so we came up with this universal solution.

This kit is designed to bolt up to the OEM battery box welded to the chassis behind the seats. It uses some OEM mounting points to stay truly bolt-on. It allows for the use of the OEM battery and charging system while adding perfect space for two Shorai LFX27L3-BS12 batteries with pads. The box has mounting holes for a Blue Seas emergency kill switch (for the 12V system) as well as mounts for another relay. You can install two additional batteries and run a independent system or use this box to mount a single extra battery and run the OEM system in parallel for the starter. We prefer an independent system. The open area of this box when installed is: 7 1/4" L x 4 7/16" W x 6 1/4" D. There is a strapping system built in along with an aluminum cover held on with preinstalled quarter-turn fasteners and a new stainless steel exhaust heat shield supplied as well. This is a very thoroughly designed kit.

Installation is simple and fitment is excellent due to professional 3D CAD design by our talented in-house engineers. The final product is a simple yet comprehensive product anyone with a garage and simple tools can install. This kit is made from American materials, laser cut and CNC bent for absolute precision every time.

Note: This kit does NOT include ANY electronics or batteries. These must be purchased separately.

The RT Pro Maverick Battery Box fits all year and model Maverick's including the Max 4 seat models, XXC, XMR and XRS. It comes powdercoated black with instructions and all the necessary hardware for installation. This is a "do it yourself" type of installation. There are no instructions and you will need to be capable of rerouting your own plumbing and handling any other aspects of a radiator relocation! RT is not liable for any troubles or problems. We're simply selling a mounting kit!

Quick Facts:

  • Lightweight
  • Simplifies Installs
  • 100% BOLT-ON kit. No cutting, bending, drilling, welding required.
  • Fits all models
  • 100% MADE IN U.S.A.!
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