Axia Alloys  Rotopax / Fuelpax Fuel Container Mount   Adjustable Angle
Axia Alloys Rotopax / Fuelpax Fuel Container Mount Adjustable Angle

Axia Alloys Rotopax / Fuelpax Fuel Container Mount Adjustable Angle

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The Axia Alloys adjustable angle Rotopax / Fuelpax container mount allows you to position your Gas / Water Packs on a round tube of any size at any angle.                                             

With the incredible clamping power of 2 of our strap clamps these mounts hold stout in even the most demanding offroad environment.

Axia Alloys only sells this Rotopax mounting adapter base plate for their pack mounts. We do not sell their pack mounts or gas can / water packs. 

Both of these items will need to be purchased from a Rotopax dealer to be able to use them with this adapter.

Comes with all necessary hardware for installation.


Color Descriptions

Satin (raw aluminum)  A bright and shiny / smooth aluminum machine finish with no coating.
(ONLY BUY THIS ONE IF YOU PLAN TO polish, paint or powder coat)

Bright Black Anodized  bright dip black anodizing applied
(A bright and shiny deep black color with corrosion protection)

Bright Clear Anodized  bright dip clear anodizing applied (IF YOU WANT SILVER THIS IS THE BEST CHOICE) (Still very bright and shiny but offers corrosion protection and some scratch resistance)

Polished Finish  A professionally polished mirror / chrome like finish
(not offered on rollcage accessories)

OEM Roll Cage Tubing Diameters

XP1000 AND XP4 1000 1.75
XP Turbo and XP4 Turbo 1.75
RZR 900 2015 and up 1.75
2014 and older RZR s Perimeter 1.75
2014 and older Polaris Ranger and RZR and RZR S and XP Rear Harness Bar and Rear Bumper crossbars 1.5 (4 seat versions have a 1.25 rear top crossbar as well)
General (Pro Fit cage NOT ROUND)1.75 top crossbar only (rearview mount)
Ranger (Pro Fit cage NOT ROUND)1.75 rear harness bar only
Ranger(Pro Fit cage NOT ROUND) Use 9 Bolt On mirror for rearview
Polaris RZR 170 1.25"
RZR steering column 1.5

YXZ 1000 1.75? Perimeter Top crossbars 1.5
Rhino Perimeter 1.75 Top Crossbars 1.5
Rhino Steering column 1.5
Viking and Viking  6 seater  2.0
Wolverine Perimeter 2.0 Top Crossbars 1.5

Kawasaki Teryx / Teryx 4 Perimeter 1.875 Top Crossbars 1.7

Pioneer 1000 1.75
Pioneer 700 1.625
Pioneer  500 1.625
Big Red 1.625

Wildcat / Wildcat 4 1.75"
Prowler (must have aftermarket cage installed)

Maverick and Maverick 4 seat 2.0
Maverick X3 1.85"
Commander 2.0

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