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AllthingzUTV Polaris 900S - General 4 Seater Tender Spring Kit

AllthingzUTV Polaris 900S - General 4 Seater Tender Spring Kit

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 If you shocks do not have Reservoirs  the tenders will not work.

 Whats included:

  1. Full kit - 2 front springs & 2 rear springs (2 SPACERS INCLUDED FOR FOX SHOCKS AND 4 INCLUDED FOR WALKER EVANS)
  2. Front only - 2 springs (NO SPACERS FOR FOX - 2 INCLUDED FOR WALKER EVANS)
  3. Rear only - 2 springs (2 SPACERS INCLUDED FOR EITHER SHOCK SET UP)
  4. Free Powder Coat upgrade in your choice of 7 available colors

FREE SHIPPING (Springs will ship 8/10/18)


In doing this swap you are adding spring rating to the machine, without compromising the integrity of the engineering.  By adding more spring rating you are adding ride height,  and turning the suspension into a true dual rate setup. 

You do not have to remove the entire shock,

1. just lift machine one end at a time,

2. clean all dirt and debris from thread and lubricate,

3.mark or measure nut position turn top spanner nut , until the lower collar can be removed, ( it is slotted) slide collar past shock shaft.

4. remove springs

5. slide new tender spring and lower onto shock tighten right back to were you started(OEM Polaris spanner preload postion)

 Repeat on the rear 

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